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Sixth grade is the beginning of middle school math.   The challenges of junior high are exciting and fun!  As your student approaches high school the work does become more difficult and the pace of learning will be faster. 

It is very important that homework should be completed every day.  Homework is assigned for the practice of concepts and skills learned in class.   It is not enough to listen in class and read the textbook this year.  Skills must be practiced repeatedly to obtain mastery.  When homework is done, the student will also be able to participate in class the next day and he/she will be better prepared for quizzes and tests.   Math, of course, is sequential.  Each skill is a building block for the next.  If any skills are missed or weak, the student will have difficulty with what follows.   Difficulties should be addressed immediately!  I am available for help.

I am looking forward to exploring many new topics this year--exponents, scientific notation, operations with integers, measurement, both plane and solid geometry, ratios and proportions, percents, tesellations, etc.  One of the most important tools for success this year will be the notes you take in class.  Notes should be STUDIED DAILY!!   Read your text, learn the math vocabulary, and do independent practice of each skill. 

Enjoy the learning and use this website to help you along the way.  Check back often as new features will be added almost daily.

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