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Middle School.... Junior High.... Yes, you have arrived in Course 2 for middle school students.   Students this year will be using the Prentice Hall math series.  Previously in grades K-6, our students used  the elementary series by Scott Foresman.  What does this mean for you as a student? 

Middle school will be more demanding of your time, organizational and study skills, and your responsibility!  The earlier in the year that you accept these changes, the more success you will have. 

Homework must be done every day to reinforce the skills presented in the classroom.  Each lesson is a stepping stone or link to the next concept or skill in mathematics!  Independent study means that you will be doing things that are not necessarily assigned by the teacher.  For example, you may need to make flashcards on your own time to study  measurement facts or formulas .  You need to learn what works best for yourself in regards to study strategies.  It is not enough to sit in class and listen to the lesson presentation.  You must actively work at math in order ot succeed!!

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