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MEMORIZE the following metric measurements:

Length (Distance)

   1cm  =  10 mm

   1 m = 100 cm

   1 km = 1000 m


Mass (Weight)

   1 g = 1000 mg

   1 kg = 1000 g

Capacity (Liquid Measure)

   1  L =  1000 mL


SLow Down                                         Lost Some Money

to convert Small units⇒Large units    to convert Large units⇒Small units

DIVIDE                                              MULTIPLY


ABCD.......D is on the left side   ....MNOP  M is on the right side 

to Divide-decimal to the left    to Multiply-decimal to the right

/10      move decimal one space left                                        X10      move decimal one space right

/100    move decimal two spaces left                                      X100    move decimal two spaces right

/1000  move decimal three spaces left                                  X1000  move decimal three spaces right

Metric Prefixes (Largest to Smallest)

King  Henry  Drinks  Unusually  Dark  Chocolate  Milk

Kilo     Hecto     Deca      Units           Deci     Centi           Milli




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