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In Chapter 6, students will be tested on all multiplication facts.  Practice for speed and accuracy to accomplish 50 basic facts in four minutes or less.


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In fourth grade, students learned geometric concepts of plane figures which included the identification of lines, line segments, rays, angles, polygons, and different triangles and quadrilaterals.  Now in fifth grade those concepts will be extended.  Students will learn to measure angles and to identify by name the different parts of circles.

Since there is so much vocabulary in this chapter on geometry, the students will be expected to maintain their vocabulary notebooks daily.  In addition, students  will be making flaswhcards with four components: how to define, how to draw, how to say, and how to write each term.  Symbols and diagrams are very precise and will be utilized to assess student knowledge of geometric concepts.  A straight edge and protractor should be used at all times since work is required to be neat and precise.   Vocabulary must be studied and mastered daily due to the large amount of words to be covered. 

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