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Click on the links below to learn about choosing and converting units:

Customary measurement can be explored with the links below:

Memory Work for the Customary System of measurement.

Link #1-Quia (games)

Link #2-Harcourt School (matching)

Link #3-Khan Academy-Converting Units of Length (video-8:04)

Link #4-Khan Academy-Converting Yards to Inches (video-5:49)

Link #5-Khan Academy-Converting Pounds to Ounces (video-1:34)

Link #6-Khan Academy-Converting Gallons to Quarts, Pints, Cups (video-5:17)


Metric measurement can be explored with the links below:

Link #1-Khan Academy-Converting (video-4:42)

Link #2-Khan Academy-More Converting (video-5:16)

Link #3-Khan Academy-Applying the Metric System (video-5:43)

Link 1

Link 2

Link #6-Metric Measurement Rap


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