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Changing Fractions to Decimals-"Nanny, Nanny, Pooh, Pooh, I'm Gonna Divide You!"

Link #1-Math is Fun

Link #2-AAAMath

Link #3-The Math Page

Terminating Decimals or Repeating Decimals

Link #1-PHSchool (video)-Writing Fractions as Teminating Decimals

Link #2-PHSchool (video)-Writing Fractions as Repeating Decimals

Link #3-PHSchool (video)-Writng Repeating Decimals as Fractions


Changing Decimals to Fractions-"Say It,Write It, Simplify It"

Link #1-Math is Fun

Link #2-SOS Math

Link #3-You Tube (video)-"Say It, Write It, Simplify It"


See also Equivalent Fractions



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